Gen She


Role: UX/UI Design


Project Overview

Generation She is dedicated to building and leading the next generation of female talent across tech, entrepreneurship, venture, and media. As the community grew, the need to align the brand with this expansion became crucial. I collaborated with two designers to revamp the website, effectively communicating Gen She's fresh identity while adhering to the new brand guide.

Key Responsibilities

- Worked closely with two other designers to wireframe and design the new website.
- Utilized Figma for wireframing and prototyping.
- Implemented the redesign on WIX, ensuring the new brand identity was clearly communicated.


- Successfully launched the new Generation She website in less than three months.
- Our efforts were recognized by WIX, showcasing the impact of our work.
- The revamped website effectively communicated Generation She's values and mission, resonating with its audience and fostering stronger connections within the community.


Explore Generation She through the homepage.

Internship Program

The internship program created to connect great female talent to top startups.

About page

Learn about Generation She, our mission, and our story.


Showcasing the growing community of female talent that has connected with Generation She.

Clubs Program

Students who are interested in joining the community can participate in their local high school or college clubs.

The Project Timeline

User Research

Before the ideation process began, we had to learn about the user needs.

What motivates students to apply for internships? Our UX Research team conducted interviews and compiled results from 70 participants.


Hands-On Experience

84.3% of users want to have hands-on real experience with the industry they were most interested in.



81.4% of users want guidance during an internship whether it is through a mentor, manager, or colleague.



60% of users want to join and participate in a like-minded community with other interns and members.


Understanding what users prioritized most helped us with information hierarchy. Using the old website as a guideline, I have illustrated a site map of the content in every page. With the new internship program, our team utilized the user motivators to figure out what information should be included.

It was important to focus on how we wanted to present our content to users.

Lo-Fi Design:

With the site map, I focused on layout in the wireframes. Where do I want to guide the user's eyes to? What information could be emphasized with images or typography?

Laying down the basic structure for each page later allowed us to design and refine the UI.

The Changes

After the brand guide and copy writing was complete, our team began to design the high-fidelity mockup. I focused on the About page and Intern Program page.

Despite being almost finished, this was when we encounter some issues, which was quickly fixed through several meetings.


Brand Identity

Although we followed the brand guide, the website design did not accurately convey Generation She's new identity. It still felt catered to the high school student taste. After having a long design critique session with our manager, we went back to fix this problem by catering the UI design to a more mature and professional aesthetic.



The design system has to be more consistent with the same typography, spacing, and assets. The pages had to look cohesive.

As the website contains a lot of content, it was important to maintain the user's attention on every page they visit.

(originial design)
(1st iteration)
(final iteration)
intern program
(no original design)
intern program
(1st iteration)
intern program
(final iteration)

Final Thoughts


Collaborating within a team was an enriching journey, with the ideation phase being a personal highlight as we brainstormed various concepts that later evolved into our initial designs. Given our tight timeline, it involved numerous remote meetings and critique sessions. After multiple iterations, we successfully shaped the website into its current form, and it's immensely rewarding to have received positive user feedback.

Next Steps

With the website now live, our immediate focus is ensuring its responsiveness across all types of devices and monitoring user engagement.. We remain committed to making swift adjustments and enhancements based on user feedback to ensure a cohesive UI experience across every screen.